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FlyingFalcon Logo

Postby JJ » 21 Mar 2015, 01:38

The logo of the forum is ready, Olejon spent a lot of time to create and develop this logo. I think i speak for all members : :bravo: :tyou:

Explantion of the Logo :

- It's a A/C and B/D aircraft.. The B/D pilots teach others.. Those who are graduated or have many info are flying the A/C F16
- The Standby Attitude indicator stands for Always growing and going up as we want to.
- The Falcon grabs and takes all it wants.
- The Drawings symbols the knowhow we have... (We own a real F16 and almost all real parts that makes a F16 !)
- Unus Pro Omnibus et Omnes Pro Uno means One for all and all for one...... We are here for all and we expect that the individual is there for us !

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